Diffuser: Feather The Owl + 5ml Lavender Oil


Receive a FREE 5ml Lavender Essential Oil, when purchasing a Feather the Owl Diffuser.



Say hello to our cutest essential oil diffuser yet: Feather the Owl.

This exclusive, custom-designed ultrasonic diffuser functions as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, night-light, and white-noise machine—owl in one!

Kid friendly and simple to use, Feather the Owl features multiple diffusion from low to high, 10 different LED light options, and 5 white-noise sound options.

Each diffuser comes with a 5 ml bottle of Lavender essential oil.

It is great for winding down before bedtime. Promotes feelings of calm and fights occasional nervous tension
Has balancing properties that calm the mind and body.

Ten different LED light options to fit any mood;
• White-noise sounds: Rain, Birds, Ocean, Fan & Lullaby;
• Diffuser runs up to 10 hours;
• Night-light and white noise function independently of diffuser mode;
• Kid friendly and simple to use